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sundaratā (Noun. Translation : Hindi Meaning : beauty)
is a celebration of beauty and love; a tale of cultures immersing and a celebration of culture and self discovery.

For founder and designer Gabriella Whittaker, sundaratā has been a narrative of exploring her cultures of an Italian mother, Indian father and home land of Australia.
If you own jewels from sundaratā, you own a piece of a memory or part of a love story dating 40 years old. A tale of East meets West. A fusion of cultures and a lifetime of experiences. 


Since 2019, we are on a mission to empower women through femininity and high vibrations.
Our goal is to encapsulate the confidence of that inner glow that shines through true happiness and feeling beautiful. When you wear our jewels, this energy will be felt and passed onto you. Gold vibrates at the highest frequency. Gold has been called "the master healer" and spiritually has been associated with all religions from the start of time.Our collection is made from gold or gold plating as it is illuminating, sacred and durable.

The sundaratā woman lives her life indulging in her passions and self discovery - through romance, travel and style. 

She is always present and enjoying effortlessly accessorised outfits completed with sundaratā.

The sundaratā woman is flirty & feminine. She is unique and show stopping. She is sexy, confident & timeless.

Join our movement of spreading beauty and high vibrations worldwide and become a sundaratā woman today.